Sunday, October 31, 2010

iPad for the minister of finance !!

As I received this email !!!! With a picture attached I was shocked!!!!!!!

Why do a minister need an iPad for!!!

Music !!
Or watching movies !!

If the ministry give him a laptop and he got a desktop in his office !

64G ?
3G ?

Is the iTunes cards will be paid by the ministry as will??

What about the sim card for the 3G ???

Coz this device is from the ministry-so anything related to it has to be paid for it from the mof !!

Can I believe that he don't have a 300 kd to buy one!!!!

iPad is a totally toy device for adult !!

No flash to brows and not woooooooow thing to have it all the time it's simply a big iPhone with no camera !!!

And simply u can't install any of the ministry systems to take it with him when he travel !!!!

It doesn't even support arabic font!!!!

U can't install a jail breaker as well !!!!

Coz it's a mof device at the end !!!

This is the picture !!!

With a confirmed for buy one !!!!

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daggero said...

يمكن يبي يسوي مثل رئيس وزراء النرويج لما أنقطع خارج بلاده بسبب براكين أيسلنده وأستخدم الايباد علشان يمشي أمور الحكومة

وهذا الرابط

brainless said...

lool , that's nothing compare to what they spend on ( toys , cars , even the minister home needs )

Anonymous said...

ماني شايف مشكلة
اعتبريه مثل الفلاش ميموري يعني الوزير ما يحتاج فلاش ميموري ؟
بطلو تصيد على خلق الله يا محدثي النعمة