Friday, October 22, 2010

Get silly !!! silly bandz !!

I was wondering at fantacy ! that day when i was with my kids about these silly bandz and for what!!!!!

after downloading shakira new album i notes that it's the hottest new fashion accessories for this year!!!!!!!!

i search !!!

all celebrities are wearing this now !!!


you can find them in a booth at discovery kids playing doom at the entrance ( not original ) - well i don,t need to buy original ! all made is china !

you can find them at :

1 comment:

Seema* said...

I saw my little cousin showing off bil.zwara.. after a second look at them a funny quastion came to her mind: Why did they make the shoes look bigger than the castle? and I fast replied: To destroy the castle!

I've got no other explaination.
But they truely looked nice! :)