Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you think if Sony know about this ad in Kuwait it will like it?

How can a lady buy a laptop with such nails????

It's bad how they show the Arab girls buy a laptop just because it match her nails not her needs!!!!!!

Very bad ad!!!


A* said...

I'm glad that there are still some good observers that notice such things!.. bad advertisements and media are everywhere and the sad thing is; consumers aren't much aware of it! or maybe they like it cause it match their shallow perceptions!!! I don't know wether to blame businesses or ppl themselves!! ;s

SheLLoO said...

Fi ahlaaag? ;/

Yara said...

صبحج الله بالخير
تدرين شالمشكلة بعدأن في بنات يحسبون أن هذا الستايل

Samar said...

يدرون انهم يحبون الاناقة وسطحيين

مثل الي يغيرون لون كوفر الموبايل تماشيا مع البدله