Tuesday, June 24, 2008

must have for tanning

Must have this year for Kuwaiti's ;P


To fix the parts that sun doesn’t reach it ( full tan color ) ….face and body

I try it my self for my face as a test ,,,,

shay 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

You add it for 3 hours and wait ,,,,


Here you go a lovely natural tanned face ,,,,,

Wondering what????

Self tan wipes

p.s ( if you find another brand and it's good pleas e-mail me
or add a comment it will show in my e-mail
thank you girls ;)


Blog 3amty said...


مري عند عمتج، تبيج بسافة عن شاليهكم !

2cool2care said...

thank you girls..

does it mean you don't want our help?


i wont offer you my help.

The Beautiful Spirit said...

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Purplecious said...

waaaaay reema ma etsadgeeeeen

i was watching Rachel Ray show today and they mention this product and i was like WOW I WANT THIS 3ajeeeeeeb

and it was a different brand.. it was L'OREAL :))))))

bacher badish 3ala site rachel to check it out now 7ady dekht baro7 anam


Purplecious said...

waay reema ma 3abart re7t saweet search 3ala elsaree3

allah y3afy google hehehehe


o ako
Elizabeth Arden

o ako Tesco

5roofa said...


im sooo gonna try it

thanks sweetee


Lonsome said...

مع ان اللون الطبيعي على كل وحده احلا :P
بس جربي الوايبز مالت

و في جل بعد فظيع و سريع مافيه نطره 3 ساعات !

NoNoWa said...

O I so need a tan and now I will definately try these out! Thanks...