Friday, September 17, 2010

girlish post ! Old is Gold ! baby trinity !!!

as seen on BAZAAR Sept 2010

bored from your Old trinity bracelet ????????
its now back in action !!!!!

with another name !

((((( BABY trinity necklace ))))

check these three steps and you will be having One just like jennifer aniston !


Seema* said...

I love the idea of reusing. That's very Environmentally friendly! ;p

athoob said...

one of the members in our club wear this cool necklace and I thought what a great idea for other rings that I do not want to sell after they have become too big for me to wear :P

Anonymous said...

أردت فقط أن أدلي بتعليق سريع لأقول أنا سعيد لاني وجدت بلوق الخاص بك. شكرا