Friday, February 03, 2006

i have been taged!

7 things to do before I die:-
  • I fly an airplain.
  • fall in love and not getting married ( hahahah )
  • travel the world ( I mean every single place ).
  • go to the moon.
  • swim naked in the sea alone! ( out side kuwait ).
  • live for 1 week in a hut with no sign of civilaization.
  • I hop that I will say (alsha'hada ) b4 I go to allah .

    7 things I cannot do:-
  • hold my temper.
  • not telling the real feeling toward someone in face.
  • stop buying anything I don’t want.
  • stop spending money in carzy way.
  • stop telling people my plan for a holiday.
  • stop talking about what I know inside my head!

7 things I say:-

- ambeeeeeeeeeeh!
- Ay shay!
- Min 9ej’ha! Or min`9ejik! Or Min`9ijhoom!
- La La La !
- La GhalTan! ( for my husband )
- Mo 3ashan shay bas ….. blah blah blah
- Tabeen el 9ij? ( blah blah blah )

7 books I have loved:

- Don’t Sweat small stuff.
- Eat right for your type.
- The power of your subconscious Mind
- Life strategies by,Dr.phil
- Chicken soup for the soul .
- Five good minutes
- My husband ( but still I didn’t finished the book yet! )

7 films I have loved:-

- cinderella ( the classical walt disny movie )
- sound of music
- Marry Poppins.
- Annie
- The little princess
- Pretty woman
- Message in abottle
- Autom in new york

7 things that attract me:-
  • smart talk from aman .
  • -watches-
  • cars-
  • piano -
  • shops-
  • malls-
  • shoes
7 people I want to tag:-


Mini Я. said...

A real woman's mind ;)

Hussa-G said...

Thanks alot. Your the third person to tag me. ;p

Hussa-G said...

Ahem shi "swim naked in the sea alone! ( out side kuwait )." LOL

Яeema said...

mini-r : sonr wink aste7y

hussa-g : wanna join me?
naked ?

imagine i do it?
i will one day enshalla ( la o feha enshalla ba3ad )

Яeema said...


Hussa-G said...

Why not, I will do it if you go sky-diving with me.
You only live once. ;}

jawaher said...

check this pls and replay

bo_sale7 said...

hi reeema ...

nice thoughts :) the one that i share with u is :
fall in love and not getting married ...

most of ur points i felt that i knew already be4 u tell them :)

lawyer said...

واااااااي صج اتبردين القلب
ههههههههه بس موتيني من الضحك لوف ستوري من غير زواج
يا انتييييييي

انشاء الله يا ربي تتحقق كل رغباتج و الله يسعدج يا رب

وبعدين بسج مو كل شويه بنروح مني و بنروووووح مني
هههههه لا تقولين حق احد

MSB said...

sky-diving is amazing! tried it once and i recommend it to anyone who would like to surpass boundaries and move to another realm altogether! :)

Interesting 7's Reeema! Especially book #7

Hussa-G said...

Rum Rum

You'er been tagged. Check my blog.