Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Revelation of the second wife have been started!

Dear ladies,

What happening lately in my blog to give a summary about it - is to get our humanity rights from men, to listen to us, respects our needs …est.

And it has been some ideas that like it , other said use stick ( kheezarana ).

Lately! I saw this morning and I was shocked with my very close friend


asking for a 2nd wife! ambeeeeeeeeeeh!

Check and replay ,,, do you think NOW the family will go smoothly with all theses busy day for a 2nd wife!

Pleas ( MAN) you work hard with your first THEN get the 2nd ana rathya!

Kuwaiti men 1 wife and they cant deal with her , hannoba 2 wives! !

I have no comments on this :(

Hagetik weyana ya MishaRi

p.s ( don’t you girls observe that they have this devil ideas on weekends?! )

For the sweetest lawyer:

since you have been with me lately with all the men woman war!

you will be like ( hahahahaha) when you check this out!

it's an interview On CNBC


this is link! ==> part 2

it's like CBNC's reading my posts!



Mini Я. said...

Unless there's something wrong with his 1st wife, as per Islamic guidelines.
Then he has no reason to ask for a 2nd. I'm one of those few guys who think polygamy is a [insert word here] thing.
Then again, that's just my opinion.

lawyer said...

والله العظيم اشدراااااااج اني ميته من الضحك
غشيييت من الضحك
اعلان حرب قاحله ..
بييييييييييي اور نوت تو بي
بالنسبه لي بديت الحرب انا من يوم ما وقفت صبغ كشتي المشيبه و جابلت الدستور الكويتي و جابلت كل الكتب التى تؤدي في النهايه الى اعدام الرجال

اقووووووووووووووووووووول يبون مرا ثانيه بعد بشششششششششيييييييييه بشيييييييه
طالت و شمخت بعد
اقول ياوخيتي
احنا ما غير كل يوم نكشخ و انتسنع و انتبخر .. و اذا صار تالي الليل عطونا مقافاهم و نامو!!!
ياخنتن راحت تفوح و العفن لقاني وراه!!
و يبووووووووووون مرا ثانيه !!

مرااااااااااااا وحده و ماكو حبوب فياجرا في الصيديليه هالدوووووور مرا ثانيه
منيييييييين يا حظي منين
عيل اذا هالسكاريب يبون مرا ثانيه
احنا نبي 10 شباب اعمارهم لا تزيد عن العشرين

اي في الويك اند شسموونه الفاضي يعمل قاضي

bo_sale7 said...

Mini Я : السلام عليكم

اسمحي اصلح لك معلومة , انت تفضلت وقلت : Unless there's something wrong with his 1st wife, as per Islamic guidelines
هذا مو بالدين الاسلامي .....الدين الاسلامي ما حط شرط للتعدد الا العدل بينهم ...اما الكلام اللي ذكرته فهو بخصوص الطلاق بالديانة المسيحية ..مع كامل التقدير لك

اما بالنسبة للاختين الحلوين هناء وشيرين : لوووير + ريييما
فالحرب مافيها الا الخساير .... وانشالله الله بهدي سر زوجج يا ريييما ...ويرزقج بريل بسرعة يا لوييير لان حالتج الصعبة راح تسبب ازمة عسكرية :)

Яeema said...

mini-r :
i guess bo-9ali7 is right with his point , this is the problem i am talking about , they must be fair!

i wish our Godfather The Splinder madry sheno his nick

he will give you the islamic rights for the 2nd wife .

Wenik Ya SS

Яeema said...

lawyer : 7abebty i feel you now hahahahahahahahahhaha
enshalla doom te'th7ekeen
بس ما نبيج اتغشيت - نبيج صاحية لنا - ما أقدر أشن هالحرب بدون محامية

to be legal ya3ny

Яeema said...

i for get about this :



walla kalamich 3adel!
didnt think of it!

Mini Я. said...

ya bo sale7 ok i agree with u...bas ham ana agool ela qala6 ilrayal yetzawaj 3ala morta bas 3ala 7asab ilmazaj...etha mo 3ajbeta..laish tezawajha bel asas?
khalas 6alegha oo ekheth qairha, 3adel wela laa?
a single woman is a headache lol..sorry ladies!

Q8ya said...


At this time I don't care about being married, but after 30 years I would be say: ne9 rayal ra'6ya feeh ;P

'6el rageel wallah '6el 7e6aah ;P

if man want 2nd wife he must be fair...but if he can't, He should be with his wife Oo yejaheed 3ala ta7amool his wife..3ashan ya5eth elajer..;P


reema I tried to write in English plz forgive every mistake.... I’m still learning ;>

Thanks honey..^__*

Яeema said...

q8ya: OH it's sooooooooooooooooo Good

7abebty kel shay lah bedaya .

ag9id the english ,,, awal shay 9a3ib then very easy ,

i wish you ask mini-r how bad was my english when he first know me !

enter his blog and asked him , you will be shocked , now i am reading novels , imagine!

an advice, try to find a 1 non-kuwaiti friend on the net , so you can type in english , and you wont have to explain in arabic .

ya3ny ghazib lazim etlageen el kelma bel english ,,, hahaha

Q8ya said...

looooooool.. ya I imagine that;D

I enjoyed English forum, it's really good and I found many things I didn’t figure out to know this things..;D

thanx my dear..;>