Monday, September 19, 2005

( i remove the pictures coz someone told me that they look scary first thing when they open my site hahahahahhaha )
for you i remove them but i am ganna keep the comments :)

today I went to the dentist to do a whiting job to my teeth , I would like to have a Hollywood smile!
but I guess my old teeth looks better wella eshraykom?
dont try to do it at home!


bora bora said...

yaaa salaaaaaaaaaaam
fa66asteeni thi7ik LOOOL

Itachi said...

I told you that your dark brown teeth is better..:P

smile to the world... ;)

kuwaity_ra7al said...

انت من صجج ولا تتغشمرين؟

هذه اسنانج؟

حلوين قبل و بعد .. لا توسوسين وايد
بس الضرس العود معطي لمحة جمالية :)

Яeema said...

next time i will take you with me to do it

i will drink coffee everyday tell i have a heart attack then my teeth will be brown like a choclate fondu

من صجي هذيلا ضروسي

بيضتهم عشان بشترك في مسابقة
star academy 3

next to my teeth hatha el model teeth number
picture 1 was C2 teeth colour.
picture 2 was B1 teeth cloure.

the product name called :

lets all have a nice hollywood smile!

نون النساء said...


يا بنت قعدي مكانج اقوول

ما اشوف اكو ذاك الفرق الكبير صراحة

اسنانج حلوة لا تتعبثين فيهم

Яeema said...

نون النساء:
والله الدكتور قاللي بس أنا أحب الشقا حق نفسي

kuwaite said...

ماشاء الله على ضروسج


mooza-q8 said...

reem وين سويتي الهوليوود سمايل لانه سمعت انه بالكويت محد ايعرف ايسوي الا زووم بس هوليوود سمايل ماكو احد يسويها او مايظبطونها
ابي اسم دكتورج و ابي اعرف اذا نتيجته حلوه معاج والا لا؟
و مشكووووره وايد

Яeema said...

as you can see it's not like totally segnal smile, but becoz my teeth are clean, it's not like manny actress

i add the site above

i did them in almaidan clinic

Яeema said...

one more thing!

you cant do them with any cavities
they do a cleaning job first , then remove any spot on ur teeth, then after awail ( 1 month MAX)
you do it, but it will last for 6 months only , and you choes the degree of the whiting of the teeth, like here o choes only 4 degree diffrent , i was afraid it will be TO MUCH white!

then they give you a teethpaste and a special mouth wash , and a blush pen for extra whiting if you like .

you dont drink any colour food for 24 hours ,
coke, red juices, red meat coffee or tea , smoking ( for the boys ! )

plus you stay on the chair for 2 hours and a half :/