Monday, September 05, 2005

6 years old teenage

this story happends with me , i was sitting with my cousin and her 6 years old verry smart younglady - it seems to go like that :

mom? if i tuched a boy and he is not my boyfriend , can i get pregnant from him?

the mother went crazy from inside! her 6 years old girl was in the american creativity academy? it's a non mix school , with all the good teachers and a nice girls with a good families?

she try to control things up , she said ,

dear? who told you that?

she answered , friends, we are talking about boyfriends and how we dont want to know any of them . coz we dont want to get pregnant .

the mother ( maskeena ) , she said dear next time if you want to k now about anything you should asked me , i will give you the right answer.

then the 6 y/o said : ok mom , how did i came to life?

the mother got shocked again for the 2nd time and still she didnt recovery about the first .

dear , what i will tell you will become a mom doughter little secret , and she told her from where she came .

the 6 y/o was verry happy that she got something new to keep it in her .

after this story , i was wondering ?! if i was in the same place with a kid and she asked me the same Q , would i say the same answer and become cool???

i remmber at her age , the only thing i was thinking of is how to play with barbie dolls !!!

i some time sneek a kiss between barbie and kin , but it wasnt that deep enough to think about having a baby from tuching a boy!

it seems the story is un-real, but i heard the smark kid my self and i was shocked as well

later i asked her mom , ( why did you tell her from wher the baby come from ? )

she said if i didnt tell her in a general way and the baby will come from the same place that you do your ( ---- ) , she will not have a sleep and she will think about it to the rest of her childhood life , and this will be her only thing will bather her , untill she find the answer , it's better to know it from me lather than anyone els .

the End


EsTeKaNa said...

!!اسم اله عليها الله يحفظها
بنيتكم ذكيه لانه الطفل اللي يسال بكل شي وباشيا دقيقه ذكي

تبين الصج؟
لما كنا بعمرها ما كان يطري بالنا هالسوالف واذا مر نستحي حتى نسأل
كبرنا وعلمتنا الدنيا

خوش بوست:)

Яeema said...

estekana : allah ye7afthich weyaha enshalla :) thanks alot for the visit

Itachi said...

when I was in her age...
the only thing I worry about that how can I hit the ball like "captain majed"...

I start thinking about this when I first saw a TV show about baby health..

I was 8y..after it in 2 weeks I knew everything..."Ablees"

Equalizer said...

Mmmm very inquisitive child. Thats very good, I hope she is inquisitive of other things too in many feilds.

Яeema said...

itach :
i guess tv is what kills the innocent in them

Яeema said...

equalizer: she is mashalla
thanks for the vizit :)

Smile said...

ما شاء الله عليها صج بنت ذكيه واللي عجبني اكثر رد الام ... كان خوووووش رد ... مو مثل ناس ثانيين جان نتفتها من الطق ... بصراحه اشجعها على التربيه اللي تتبعها ... التربيه ما هي اكل وشرب ولبس .. والله ولدي ما كله عسى ما يمرض !!!!! التربيه هي كيف الاهل يغذون العقل قبل البطن .

lawyer said...

لا تستغربون ذكاء البنت لانها طالعه على امها .. سؤالج الاخير لها و جواب امها لج
عرفنا سبب ذكاء البنت
الله يخليها لها
انا لو مكانها يمكن جان قلت حق بنتي انها طلعت من بطني ..
مرا من المرات كانت رفيجتي حامل و بنتها الصغيره مستانسه عشان في بطن امها بيبي .. و لما ولدت رفيجتي و رحنا لها تدرون البنت شنو قالت
امي زوعت البيبي !!!
لان في اعتقاد الياهل اي شي في البطن يطلع عن طريق الاستفراغ

sweetd said...

thanx for sharing a cute story! children r very curious they want to know about everything...unlike us:P really tough these days cuz kids rnt kids...they know more than we did as kids so im not suprised why the kid asked her mum becuz she needed to and wanted to know the right answer and im glad the mother talked to her child cuz its better shes safe than sorry...:) kids they make us go crazy dont they but we luv em

Яeema said...

to every one :

i send ur comments to my cousin , i print it out , and she thank you verry much , she was shocked that i talked about it here in public


Life For Rent said...

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh , thx for this comic tale ..
I think what made her asks this questions is the invasion of the western media to our homes