Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Must Have This Winter

since i am a style addict!
these days my post will be 100% for the girls
and what you will need this winter, like they say ( must have! )

first of all lemmy talk about the colors and the fabrics

VelVet VelVet VelVet

purple, pink , Red , black , Green ( dark ) , brown , blue ( my favorite)

every day i will talk about 1 thing a time :)
so you will not be confused, and if you need girls something special or where to get
the look for the less!

tell me and i can do it here and we will have a lot of fun shopping RIGHT


otuydbvckblkh said...

i like the red dress with the belt
but it needs to be a little shorter or a little longer
this length doesn't fit me at allll

reema why don't you post make-up too ? i LOVE it

Itachi said...


post something for men also.. :(

Яeema said...

from long time ago i was wishing to be a make-over to all my friends.and i guess when i go to collage i have the chance to be a financial researcher - nothing like what i really want!

here if you give me a little bet FACE :)

i would like to be what i really wish for long time ago.

hmmmm q8-leo make up - enshalla :)

itachi - men - enshalla :)