Friday, August 19, 2005

fall -winter make-up from MAC

Icons are hardly shrinking lilies. Their colour choices hit classic chords: black eyes against red lips, silvered lids against juiced-up lips. For the eyes: Patina, Carbon and Electra Eye Shadow; Smolder Eye Kohl, and All Black Fibre Rich Lash. For the cheeks: Mocha Powder Blush. For the lips: Cherry Lip Pencil. Ruby Woo Lipstick, and Dewy Jube Lipgelée.


otuydbvckblkh said...

keep up the good work reema ;)

your blog looks really stylish .. i love it

Яeema said...

merci q8-leo
mallena min el seyasa !

Яeema said...

ana chenny teshawagt o baro7 ashtery el lipstick from MAC, i will picture it for real to see the colour :/

Red with black eyes, nice combenation!

lawyer said...

aby make up mn sephoraaaaaaaaaaa

Яeema said...

paris paris , we dont have it in kuwait and i only want the brands that we can buy in kuwait , wella shelfayda 7ag el 7arra :/