Friday, August 14, 2009

back home :)

hello my dear blog
i miss you a lot!!
and after a long holiday i am back to you to tell you what i did lately .
I notes’ that I have many silly comments in my moderator , I delete them all
I don’t need in this age to deal with stupid people in Kuwait telling me what to write on my blog.
I don’t need to tell them every time that this is my secret place to see it after a wail that I did this and that .
The problem is not with the concept of my blog
I can tell the problem is that they don’t know me yet
Silly people? Go away from my place I don’t need sick people anymore telling me what to do specially that I did and see almost everything in life !
The problem is
They are part of our society ( the Kuwaiti sick mentality ) that I have to live with it every day !

Since you don’t like reading me so pleas f&$% off of me!

is that good enough for you?

Since you don’t like reading me so pleas f&$% off of me!
Btw it’s soooooooooooooooooooo easy being rude to other
But you have to knoe it’s very hard being class and polite and a nice person
So just learn from me a little rather than telling me what to do :P


ma6goog said...

شفيج رادة من السفر مستعسرة و قاعدة تزفينا؟

ZooZ "3grbgr" said...


they are rude

احنا شذنبنا نقرا بوست جذي


عالعموم الحمدلله على السلامة

قلت هالكلمة 200 مره خلال اسبوعين ههههه

ناطره بوست السفر ومغامراته


Nikon 8 said...

الحمدالله على السلامة
وهارد لك على اللي حصل لك

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back :)

Sal said...

Welcome back
ma 3laih khalech enti al kbeera

Яeema said...


ايييي مستعسرة
والله مليت كل ما أدش ألاقي مسج مو عاجبني بلوقج
و ذبحتينا بأسبانيا
و من هالكلام
جني قاعدة أكتب حق الناس مو حقي
محد راضي يفهم إن بلوقي حقي أكتب فيه اللي صارلي

والله ما قمت أكتب بسبه هالأشكال!؛

Яeema said...


لا ميخالف بطيب خاطركم ببوستات حلوة كاتبتها و ناطرة أنشرها
مسحوها بويوه اللي مو عاجبهم بلوقي

Яeema said...

nikon 8

الله يسلمج يا قلبي

والله عيزت ألبح ماكو فايده يختج كويتيين لازم يداحرون

فلازم تذكرين عشان يعرفون حدودهم

Яeema said...




أنا طول عمري كبيرة
بس لصغار لازم يتربون شوي