Monday, July 14, 2008

a Dream will come true

picture by : Ana ;)
I don’t know why this time I need to write this in English
May be coz I need to feel the romantic way of seeing this country again
It was my dream to celebrate my birthday in a romantic place like France , Paris
Paris , here I am, hug me with your arms !

It was 1999 when I was there and see all the millennium preparation in this lovely romantic place.
How they decorate the streets ready for the year 2000 !
I miss it , and this year I want to be there , I don’t know why, may be coz of a close friend of mine always talking with me in French?
Reema vous êtes si joli.
Or becoz he always telling me a story how this country meant to be for me, the way I dress , the way I love to be in style , my romantic mood with the lovely weather. How I am a dreamer and seeking for love in everything I see or touch.
How it is a lovely place to take pictures for my next (exhibition On December )

He let me live the dream , and I always want my dreams come true in the right time.
Paris, let me love you, let me live the dream with you.

And please! Don’t rain!
I don’t like rain , neither do my camera!
I wish to see the clouds , blue sky and a lovely smiling faces
I want to see it in a different way , enjoying the cappuccino in an old café ( coffee addict)

And !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visiting the :
Portrait of Mona Lisa (1479-1528), also known as La Gioconda, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo; 1503-06 (150 Kb); Oil on wood, 77 x 53 cm (30 x 20 7/8 in); Musee du Louvre, Paris
This figure of a woman, dressed in the Florentine fashion of her day and seated in a visionary, mountainous landscape, is a remarkable instance of Leonardo's sfumato technique of soft, heavily shaded modeling. The Mona Lisa's enigmatic expression, which seems both alluring and aloof, has given the portrait universal fame.

I cant wait to see the picture

And I will do it on my birthday

, so I will never forget this date!
( enshallah )
Wish me luck !
After seeing this site , I don’t know if I can make it !

p.s ( new restaurant or café and places to visit is highly recommended in the comment )

my friends


aThooB said...

Bon voyage Reeema :)

nice said...

اورفوار مادام ريما
ورحلة سعيدة وتروحين وترجعين بالسلامة ومقدما كل عام وانت بخير اكيد صرتي 24 سنة :)

ام الحفيز said...

j'aime votre article cette fois, merci ayez un voyage gentil et un joyeux anniversaire mon cher.....بلبل فرنسي اسمالله علي

charisma said...

بالسلالامه يا حبيبتى انتى والله يحفظج ويتحقق الحلم بالطريقه الى تبينها
واحلى بعد

وكل عام وانتى بالف خير
كل عام وانت لروحى اقرب


ShLaLaT said...

الله يونسج بالعافيه

وييسر أمورج

وتصير احلى سفره واحلى عيدميلاد بحياتج

اذا وصلتي وكان الجو حلو
دزيلنا غيمه لو سمحتي


eshda3wa said...

glad ur having such a good time!

Purplecious said...


y3ny Reema bel french accent ;pP

WOW what a dream mashalah Allaaaah yhaneeeeeeeeeeeeeech :*******

o i'm sure the pictures you r gonna capture will be full of passion :****


salmely 3ala el Gioconda coz ana lama re7t ma medany ashofha ;(

and gooo to BUDDHA BAAAAAAAR and Entrecôte for sure (sorry not new adry dathra ;p)

o thawbeeeeely


joy said...

اوغفوا غيما


وكل سنة وانتي طيبة واتمنى لج يوم ميلاد سعيد
ورحلة ممتعة باذن الله بانتظار صورج وتقريرج

Dee said...

bilsalama reema! hope u have the most romantic vacation ever:)

فتى الجبل said...

بالهنا والعافية
بس آنا بصراحة ماحب فرنسا بسبة الفرنسيين
ايطاليا وبس

Mok said...

بسلامة عزيزتي


elq87obi said...

كل عام وانتي بخير و كل سنه و انتي طيبه و تروحين و تردين بالسلامه :)

elq87obi said...

كل عام وانتي بخير و كل سنه و انتي طيبه و تروحين و تردين بالسلامه :)

بنت الشامية said...

ان شاءالله توصلين بالسلامه وتجدين كل ما يتمناه قلبك وعقلك
وتتمتعين برحلتج على كيف كيفج
وابشرج الجو صحو هالايام بباريس
وكل عام وانت بخير

حسام بن ضرار said...

ما ادري شنو المناسبه لأني قراية البلوجات بالانجليزي تطيح حيلي

بس بغض النظر: ألف مبروك و بالتوفيق و السلامه


Lonsome said...

i hope all your dreams will come true enshallaa


Kuw_Son said...

have fun ;)

nice said...

كل عام وانتي بخير
وهابي بيرث داي تويو ريما
الحين عمرج 24 صج :)

Mok said...

kel 3am o anty eb5er

Purplecious said...

Joyeux Anniversaire

Happy Birthday

كل عام و أنتي بخيير


can't wait to tell us about ur dream and how did it go in Paris???


LiTTLE BiG said...

Happy Birthday ;*

AK-47 said...

The best description of love, and the city of Paris,,ps,The camera loves raindrops have fun