Monday, March 03, 2008

back from my trip to cairo

it was great trip to cairo that i dont think so i will think of going back again!

it was a trip to take some photos for the old buildinges around their
but you cant take pictures coz of the dirt around you !
specialy it was raining the day b4 my photo trip , after the rain you cant imagine the water around you , you need a hightboot for fishing to go their :(
i am sorry to write in english this time , but i guess my mac pc doesnt support arabic , or i dont know how to do alt+ shift ! :(
i will leav you with some of my pictures :)
it was in ( aljamaliya ) - near khan al-khalely

casult of salah al-din

want some lemon???

he was doing a status from silver

he saw me taking picture of the status so he ask me to get near him and take a picture

he is the only man who let me take picture of him!

everyone is dont like seeing a big camera holding , they think i will put their picture in a magazin or a newspaper

this is some of the 280 pictures i took in that place

and it was the last time i wish to take pictures their :(

hop you like it


i miss you all


Fábio Apº said...

hi !!! i am from brazil , cairo is so beautiful , my dream ... good travel see ya'

Big Pearls said...

Amazing photos!

loco said...

7emdella 3ala salama! enshalla estanastaw 3ad :) welcome back

Bin3agul said...

7imdilah 3asalama .. il 9iwar wayed 7ilowa .. and about the Arabic writing ether (apple+space) or on the up right corner there is small American flag to change the writing language

nice said...

w.b. reema .

New Bride said...

wbaaack dear hope u had fun , by the way ana amoooooot 3laa cairo walah :)

nice pic mashalah

eshda3wa said...

laish u didnt like it?

أُكتب بالرصاص said...

الحمد لله على سلامتك
وإن شاء الله تكوني انبسطي

احلى حاجة موضوع الصور

وانت لك عين لاقطة رائعة

صور موفقة جدا

Kuw_Son said...

الحمدلله على السلامة :)

و خوش لقطة الأولى :)

و مالت الليمون حلوة بعد :)

Purplecious said...


Miss you too ;)

o nice pics mashalah i think it was was worth it :))

لؤلؤة said...

لقطات مميزة
لذاكرة لن تنسى ما رأت:))شكرا