Friday, July 24, 2009


i was reading some facts by e-mail and suddenly i saw this fact!
your skeleton keeps growing untill you are about 35 , then you start to shrink !
like i am kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!
أنا الحين من مرحلة الصبا لي مرحلة الإنكماش


-mate said...

Well, I don't know the verity of this fact and based on what. But i'm pretty sure that your long bones, for instance: femur, stop growing by age 20 and also other long bones ..

And the length of these long bones is maintained as long as these is Hormones produced. Most importantly, Testosterone for males and Estrogens for females. Growth Hormone for both of sexes. I believe in the age 45, women start to shrink during menopause not in 35!!!

To verify what i'm saying, measure your limbs now and after one year check your measures again and see if there is really shortage happened in your limbs

Thats all, Have a nice evening misses 35 :)

جنون إحساس said...

لوول لا تقولين جذيه الصبااا بالقلب
شفايدة الصبا والقلب شايب ؟

استمتعي بكل المراحل